Rails Girls Rheinland, 1+2 March 2013

Leewe Mädches, wellkomme em Hähz des Rhingland!

Rails Girls comes to Monheim (right in the middle between Cologne and Düsseldorf)! During the fun and free web development workshop we'll dive into the magical world of Ruby on Rails.

Apply now! Applications are closed.

You learn designing, prototyping and coding with the help from our coaches.

You need your own laptop, curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination!

Want to help? We are looking for volunteers and Rails coaches. Email us.

Friday 1st March

17.00 -

Installation party

Get know the attendees a little bit before hand. Bring your laptop if you can, so we can install Ruby on Rails for you.
Where: innoQ Deutschland GmbH, Krischerstraße 100, 40789 Monheim
21.00 -

Coach dinner

All of the coaches are welcome to our coach dinner, where we'll go through the program for the next day.

Saturday 2nd March

9:00 - 10:00

Registration, coffee and installation fest

During the morning we’ll install Ruby on Rails on your computer.
10:00 - 10:15


Outline of the day & word from sponsors
10:20 - 10:45

Designing your web app -workshop

By Liane Thönnes & Tatjana Lajendäcker
10:50 - 11:10

Ruby at your command!

Let's get coding!
Similar to Tryruby.org, but on your own laptop.
By Andreas Krüger
11:10 - 13:00


Jumpstart your first web application
13:00 - 13:30


13.30- 13:45

Bentobox - Understanding Web Apps

Recap of what we’ve learned and how it all fits together.
By Stefan Tilkov
13:45 - 14:30

Lightning talks from coaches

Why I love what I do
By Silvia Schreier

Title coming soon
By Verena Würbel

By Dirk Breuer
14:30 - 16:30


Extend your application.
17:00 -


Open for everyone, meet cool people interested in tech.


Applications are closed
Acceptances informed: February 16th

How to get there: See below.

What they say about us?

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Rails Girls Rheinland is co-organized with our awesome partners.

Want to help? We're looking for partners & sponsors for the non-profit event! Email us!

InnoQ innoQ offers consulting and development services for challenging projects.

Railslove Railslove is a small team of passionate hackers, thinkers and designers creating juicy stuff for the web.

dpunkt.verlag dpunkt is one of the leading German publishers in the IT-publishing market. dpunkt serves the professional computing and telecommunications community by providing information products and services, primarily through publications (print and digital) and training. Although dpunkt's focus is on digital technology, its mission goes beyond technology, promoting its use to support creativity, and to improve communication among people. dpunkt uses digital technology in an extensive way to design, manufacture and distribute its products. We at dpunkt strongly believe that technology and its efficient use on one side and creativity and playful joy (or plain fun) on the other, are not mutually exclusive.

Cooperation Partner

CREATIVE.NRW Cluster organization CREATIVE.NRW fosters creative companies and entrepreneurs in Germany´s biggest state, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Featuring 315.000 people in 50.000 businesses, accounting for 36 billion Euro turnover, the Creative Industries ranks third place in NRW´s economy. The main objective of CREATIVE.NRW is to secure and expand this position by providing a wide range of professional services, thus expanding growth and innovation in NRW.


How much does the workshop cost? Nothing, it's free! You just need to be excited!

Who is this aimed for? Women of any age with basic knowledge of working with a computer. We’ve had people of all ages taking part. Most of the speeches are given in english, but small group work is done in german. Please bring your laptop.

Can men attend? Yes, but you need to be accompanied by an interested lady. Also, girls are given a priority.

I know how to program - How can I help? We’re also looking for people to be coaches. We’ll have a two-three hour workshop before the event to walk you through the curriculum. Email us

How to get there?


The lovely building with its cute clock tower is
innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Krischerstraße 100
40789 Monheim.

Here are links to that location on Openstreetmap map and on Google Maps route finding service.

Should you get lost or stuck, dial +49 2173 3366 188. This should connect you to an organizer or coach that will try to help you get there.

a picture of the location

How to get there via public transportation on Friday

You'll be heading for the bus stop Deusser Haus in Monheim (Rheinl.). The innoQ-building is just a few steps from that bus stop. You can use the connection finder in its more or less English version or its German one, or else one of these:

From Köln (Cologne)

central train station, depart at 16:57 from track 10 on train S 6 heading for Essen. From Köln, you'll need a “Preisstufe 3” ticket (4.80 €) of VRS, it'll take you right to the place.

Get off that train at Langenfeld, which you should reach at 17:25.

Enter bus 790 heading for Landwirtschaftszentrum, which should come at 17:31.

Get off the bus at Monheim Busbahnhof, which you should reach at 17:41.

Enter bus 789 heading for Holthausen, which should come at 17:50.

Get off the bus at Deusser Haus at 17:53.

From Düsseldorf

central train station, depart at 17:12 from track 11 on train S 6 heading for Köln Nippes. From Düsseldorf, you'll need a “B” ticket (5.10 €) of VRR, it'll take you right to the place.

Get off that train at Düsseldorf Hellerhof, which you should reach at 17:29.

Enter bus 789 headed for Monheim mona mare. This bus shold come at 17:33 and reach Deusser Haus at 17:45.

On Saturday, we'll have a free shuttle service!

connecting the train station Langenfeld S with our Railsgirls Rheinland location.

From Köln (Cologne)

central train station, depart at 8:37 from track 10 on train S 6 heading for Essen. From Köln, you'll need a “Preisstufe 3” ticket (4.80 €) of VRS.

Get off that train at Langenfeld, which you should reach at 9:05.

From Düsseldorf

central train station, depart at 8:32 from track 11 on train S 6 heading for Köln Nippes. From Düsseldorf, you'll need a “B” ticket (5.10 €) of VRR.

When you are past Hellerhof, there will be a stop called Langenfeld Bergerhausen. Wrong stop, no shuttle service here, so remain seated.

Rather, get off that train at the next stop after Langenfeld Bergerhausen, which is plain Langenfeld, which you should reach at 8:54.

Proceed from the train station to the parking lot and bus stops. Some friendly person waving a Railsgirls logo will be eager you get you to the right place. - Should you experience a problem, that number again: +49 2173 3366 188.

... and back!

After the event, there will be a shuttle service bringing you back to the Langenfeld S train station. But of course, we don't really want you to leave just then! You'd be missing a lot of the fun if you did!

The smart thing is, stay for the Afterparty! There will be yet another shuttle service then, too.