Rails Girls Kharkov 15-16 June 2012

Привет всем!

Ukraine is happy to welcome its first Rails Girls event in Kharkov! Free, two-day crash-course to the exciting world of building web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Наконец-то Украина рада принимать первое Rails Girls мероприятие в Харькове! Бесплатный двухдневный курс в захватывающий мир разработки веб-приложений на Ruby on Rails.

Applications have closed

You learn designing, prototyping and coding with the help from our coaches.

You need your own laptop, curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination!

Want to help? We are looking for volunteers and Rails coaches. Email us.


Friday 15th June

18.00 -

Installation party

Get know the attendees a little bit before hand. Bring your laptop if you can, so we can install Ruby on Rails for you.

Знакомство с ребятами. Приноси свой ноутбук, чтобы мы могли помочь тебе установить Ruby on Rails на компьютер

21.00 -

Coach dinner

All of the coaches are welcome to our coach dinner, where we'll go through the program for the next day.

Saturday 16th June

9:00 - 15:30

Great day of hands-on, minds-on learning!

Rails Girls workshop includes learning the first steps into software craftmanship in small teams.

Along with actual coding, you'll get to hear great lightning talks, learn the language of web and meet other likeminded women.

While we're setting up the program for yet another great day of learning, take a look at Berlin, Krakow & Singapore for a glimpse of what happens during the day.

Rails Girls воркшоп - это изучение азов разработки веб-приложений в небольших группах.

Помимо программирования, ты увидишь короткие презентации, научишься отличать ruby от rails, и встретишь множество интересных личностей.

Хочешь понять, что тебя ожидает? Посмотри видео с прошедших событий в Берине, Кракове, Сингапуре.


Applications close: June 13th
Acceptances informed: June 14th

Location: Heroiv Stalinhradu 45. See map
Героев Сталинграда 45. Как добраться


Rails Girls Kharkov is non-profit operation, co-organized with our awesome partners.

Want to help? We're looking for partners & sponsors! E-mail us!

Ainstainer Group Ainstainer Group is a customer-oriented IT Outsourcing vendor, which creates and supports dedicated teams for small and medium sized businesses, as well as for Scrum-minded companies in software development, e-commerce, banking, tourism, healthcare, internet industries. Our key clients are from Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

Zfort Group Zfort Group is an award-winning web development, design and consulting company, offering comprehensive, full-cycle web development solutions, from the website’s planning and related consulting advice, to the application’s launch and maintenance, catering for institutional clients and individuals from across the globe since 2000. Our team includes over 120 specialists in the following areas: PHP, ASP.NET, Design, HTML/CSS coding, Flash Animation, Quality Assurance, iOS, and Android. Zfort Group – Friendly Web Technologies.

Fkhf.kh.ua is a photoschool which will help with photo-reporting the event.

Fresh Line Fresh Line is a sandwich bar which will provide us with food for the day.

Media partners

DevTimeDevTime - Kharkov community of software developers.


How much does the workshop cost? Nothing, it's free! You just need to be excited!

Сколько стоит участие? Это абсолютно бесплатно! Приноси с собой хорошее настроение и немного любознательности. Ну и не забудь свой ноутбук.

Who is this aimed for? Women of any age with basic knowledge of working with a computer. We’ve had people of all ages taking part. Most of the program is run in english and please bring your laptop.

На кого рассчитано? На женщин любого возраста с базовыми знаниями работы на компьютере.

Is this only in english? Some parts will be held in english, but the small group working is done usuaööy in local language.

На каком языке будет проходить мероприятие? Возможно, местами мы будем переходить на английский, но основная работа будет на русском.

How do you choose the attendees? We want a diverse group of people who are motivated and curious about learning.

Как вы выбираете участников? Мы хотим собрать группу людей заинтересованных и мотивированных к обучению

Can boys attend? Yes, but you need to be accompanied by an interested lady. Also, girls are given a priority.

Может ли мужчина стать участником? Да, но ты должен привести с собой интересную девушку:) Вообще, девушкам отдается приоритет.

I know how to program - How can I help? We’re also looking for people to be coaches. We’ll have a two-three hour workshop before the event to walk you through the curriculum. Email us

Я умею программировать - как я могу помочь? Ты можешь стать тренером. У нас будет предварительная встреча перед мероприятием, чтобы ввести в курс дела и ознакомить с заданием. Пиши нам.