Rails Girls Houston June 18, 2016

Hello world.

During this free, hands-on workshop we'll dive into building a web application using Rails!

Apply here to attend.

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You'll learn how to build a site using Rails with the help from our coaches.

You need your own laptop, curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination!

Want to help? We are looking for volunteers and Rails coaches.
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

9:00 am - 10:00

Registration, Breakfast/Coffee & Installation Fest

During the morning, we’ll install Ruby on Rails on your computer while enjoying coffee and breakfast.

10:00 - 10:15


We will talk about the day and get a word from our sponsors.

10:15 am - 1 pm

Workshop: Let's get coding!

We will break into small groups and jumpstart your first web application!

1:00 - 1:30


1:30 - 1:50

Lightning Talks!

2:00 - 4

Workshop: Exploration!

We will continue building out our web app.

4 - 4:05

Closing Remarks

4:05 - 6


Continue learning as you'd like!


Accepting applications till June 14, noon

Location: The Iron Yard Houston
4203 Montrose Blvd #100
Houston, TX 77006


Rails Girls Houston is co-organized with and sponsored by our awesome partners.

The Iron Yard offer three intensive Academy courses in Houston. Our grads get jobs with amazing local companies as well as awesome shops around the country.

Poetic grew up with the Internet. Now they help it grow.

Platform Houston is a community campus for accelerating talent and ideas.

Molecule Software is the first energy trading risk management software designed with the user's sanity in mind.

GitHub helps everyone work together with tools for easier collaboration and better visibility. Check it out — open source is free!

Keystone Resources is a Brand, Interactive and Proposal Studio who doesn't need to talk with big, fancy six-syllable design words. They're just a group of people that love what they do.

ChaiONE specializes in working with established enterprises to design a roadmap for navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

SURGE is the only seed fund and early stage accelerator in the world for entrepreneurs focused on energy software.

ChalkSense is a boutique technology consultancy that provides design, development, training and HR services to early-stage ventures.

The Urban Rose is an online-store for home-goods and accessories. We are a proud supporter of girls learning to code.

Ruby off Rails is a unique course that teaches the language, frameworks, tools, and world-views that make Ruby unique.

Brightwork CoResearch is an open, collaborative research space for indie scientists.

Hawthorne Haus wholeheartedly supports learning to code and adventures in hacking, creating and community-ing.

AWIS-GCH aims to support women in STEMM through career development, community service, and networking.


How much does the workshop cost? Nothing, it's free! You just need to be excited!

Who is this aimed for? Women of any age with basic knowledge of working with a computer. We’ve had people of all ages taking part. Please bring your laptop.

Can men attend? Yes, but bring an interested lady and indicate this on the application. Also, girls are given a priority.

I know how to program - How can I help? We’re also looking for people to be coaches. We’ll have a two or three hour workshop before the event to walk you through the curriculum. Email us

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