Rails Girls Amsterdam November 30th, 2019

Rails Girls is coming to Amsterdam! A free, one day workshop where you can discover the exciting world of web development through Ruby on Rails. With the help and guidance of our coaches, you can create a real web application in a fun and relaxed environment.

Team Rails Girls Amsterdam

About Rails Girls Amsterdam

You learn designing, prototyping and coding with the help from our coaches.

You need your own laptop, curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination!

You form friendships for life.

Saturday November 30th

9:30 am

Coffee/ tea & installation

10:30 am

Introduction & icebreaker

11:00 am

Introduction to the app

11:15 am

Building your app

12:30 am


1:30 pm

Lightning Talks

2:00 pm

Building your app

4:00 pm

Launch! & wrap-up


Where can I sign up as an attendee?
Our signup is closed! It is possible to sign up for the waiting list. We'll let you know if a spot becomes available on the 30th of November!

How much does the workshop cost?
Nothing, it's free! You just need to be excited!

Do I need a laptop?
Yes! Please bring it with you :) and don't forget your charger!

Can men attend?
Yes, but girls are given a priority.

Are there vegetarian / vegan options for food?
Got you covered here too, both a vegetarian and a vegan option are offered as well.

Who is this aimed for?
Women of any age with basic knowledge of working with a computer. We’ve had people of all ages taking part. Most of the speeches are given in English and small group work is done in either Dutch or English.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?
Yes! We follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct v1.4 that we also use for Amsterdam.rb events.

I have a different question
Please send us your questions at @RailsGirls_NL on Twitter or using a Twitter DM. Or on our Meetup discussion.


Plantage Middenlaan 60
1018 DH Amsterdam

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