Rails Girls - Sydney April 1-2, 2016

Rails Girls is back in Sydney! During the free two-day workshop we’ll dive into the magical world of Ruby on Rails.

We are offering two tracks:

For beginners: the regular Rails Girls tutorial

For not so beginners: Rails Girls Next exercises to deepen your understanding of Ruby, Rails, and the web.

You learn more about Ruby, how the internet works, and test driven development.

You need your own laptop, curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination!

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How much does the workshop cost? Nothing, it’s free! You just need to be excited!

Who is this aimed at? Rails Girls Sydney is open to all adults (18+), but preference is given to those who identify as women.

Can men attend? Yes, but women are given priority.

Do you have a code of conduct? Yes, it is on the ruby.org.au website. We expect attendees, coaches, and sponsor representatives to behave respectfully to make sure everyone has a great time.

Typical schedule

This is the schedule we used for our last event. It’ll be quite similar for the next one, but probably not exactly the same.


18:00 - 18:30

Registration and dinner

Spend some time getting to know everyone over dinner!
18:30 - 18:45

Welcome and instructions

We’ll cover the plan for the weekend and give instructions for the installation party.
18:45 - 20:30

Installation party

Install Rails with the help of our coaches. You’ll learn a bit about the terminal, get started with Sublime (an easy-to-use text editor), and more.
If you have more time you should look at tryruby.


9:30 - 10:00

Registration and coffee

During the morning we’ll have some coffee, thanks to Lookahead Search , so that we’re all set for a great day of Rails Girls!
10:00 - 10:15


Outline of the day - since you have Ruby and Rails installed from Friday, we can jump right into it.
10:15 - 12:30

Workshop pt. 1

Getting started with Rails
12:30 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:30

Q&A with coaches

While you’re finishing up lunch we’ll have a short Q&A with some of our coaches. This is a great time to ask about their experience learning to code, what they do in their jobs, and anything else you’re burning to know!
13:30 - 15:00

Workshop pt. 2

Continuing with Rails
15:00 - 15:15

Afternoon Tea

Take a break from all that thinking and relax with a sweet snack.
15:15 - 17:30

Workshop pt. 3

Wrap up your Rails project and get your last min questions.
17:30 - 18:00


We’ll go over everything we did for the day, and hear about your experiences learning about Ruby and Rails.




Level 20, World Square, 680 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

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