Rails Girls Organizer's Weekend

TERVETULOA!! Let's meet in Helsinki

So many Rails Girls Chapters have evolved worldwide. Most of all those enthusiastic people organizing them never really met. That's why we are organizing this meetup. The weekend from 13-14th of September 2014 (right after Frozen Rails) is Rails Girls Organizer and Coaches Weekend in Helsinki!

Go to Frozen Rails

Kisko supports us by offering discount tickets for the conference for all Rails Girls Organizers and Coaches coming to Helsinki for that Weekend. And our friends at Travis CI are sponsoring some free tickets. Please indicate when you register for our Weekend whether you'd like to get one.

Why Helsinki?

After a little brainstorming it became clear, that the most logic location for a first meeting is Finland, as it is the origin of the initative. Plus it can be combined with visiting one of the most important Rails conferences, Frozen Rails.
So this year it's Helsinki! And who knows, maybe this can become a yearly thing, happening on different continents in the future?

Roughly the Program will be:

Friday, September 12th

all day

Frozen Rails


Frozen Rails Afterparty

Open also to everyone coming to the Organizers Weekend
Location: Café Mascot, Neljäs Linja 2, Helsinki

Saturday, September 13th


Heading to the CABIN

We leave Helsinki preferably before 11 am. This is up to each team / driver. Remember to take care of shopping / necessities for your task!
Our cabin is here
It's aprx. 50km out of Helsinki
Rest of the day:

Let's have some fun!

There is no specific schedule.
We'll sure not be bored.

Sunday, September 14th


Brunch and cleaning


Leaving the cabin

Driving back to Helsinki once things are done, at aprx. 13.00 (if someone has to leave earlier we’ll coordinate at the cabin)

late lunch or coffee

in Helsinki for those who leave later, TBA


Our amazing Partners

Commited to come:

Linda Liukas, founder
Helsinki @lindaliukas
Henrietta Kekäläinen, organizer
Helsinki @phenriettak
Vesa Vänskä, coach
Helsinki @vesan
Konstantin Haase, coach
Berlin @konstantinhaase
Anika Lindtner, organizer
Berlin @langziehohr
Floor Drees, organizer
Rotterdam @FloorDrees
Kelli Orrela, organizer
Helsinki @KelliOrrela
Sara Regan, organizer
Munich @sareg0
Verena Brodbeck, organizer
Frankfurt @viddity
Dani Zimmermann, organizer
Frankfurt @ellaeverything
Terence Lee, coach
Florida @Hone02
Charlotta Liukas, organizer
Helsinki @charlottaliukas
Ahmed Hazem, organizer
Cairo @ahazem
Mari-Liis Lind, organizer
Tallinn @mari_lind
Sebastian Gräßl, organizer
Linz, Rotterdam, Krakow, Maribor @bastilian
Jukka Jokelainen, coach
Helsinki @JukkaJokelainen
Erkki Eilonen, coach
Tallinn @erkkie
Johanna Kalli, organizer
Tampere @johannakalli
Katja Zorina, organizer
London, Vilnius @katjazorina
Carsten Zimmermann, RGSoC orga/supervisor, Berlin @carpgezwitscher Lieke Boon, organizer Amsterdam, coach Leiden @Lieke2208 Alja Isakovic, organizer, Ljubljana @iAlja Laura Gaetano, coach Bratislava/ Milan/ Ostrava/ The Hague, organizer Linz @alicetragedy Mateja Verlic, Ljubljana, coach, lecturer @sparkica Erika Pogorelc, Ljubljana coach, lecturer @ercchy Stefanie Hofemann, Helsinki organizer Kasia Jarmołkowicz, Łódź organizer, Kraków coach @_idengager Naomi Freeman, D.C. organizer @naomi_freeman Silvia Hundegger, Frankfurt organizer @silviahundegger Kalle Tiihonen, Helsinki coach @ktiihonen Vyki Englert, Los Angeles, RGSoC student @vyki_e Krista Kauppinen, Helsinki coach @ktiihonen Liina Hilkamo, Helsinki @